via the web
from your photos for only $9.99 PER FACE!


1. It’s easy! E-mail photo to exactly as follows:
The photo file must not be larger than 8x10 and in a 72dpi .jpg format
(do not forget the “dot” in .jpg)
*I can do more than one face in each drawing such as couples, triplets and so on. *No pets or animals.....sorry.

2. You will receive, via e-mail, a black and white “head and shoulders” caricature in a 300 dpi .jpg file for you to print out or e-mail to friends.
(Imagine the fun of e-mailing someone a caricature of themselves!)

*Hair length, clothing, and expression will be rendered as it is in the photo. If the subject is frowning, I can put a slight grin on them if requested while still getting a good likeness. If the hair in the photo is very messy it can be “cleaned up” in the drawing.

*The caricature is for personal use to hang in the home or office or e-mail to
friends. Any business or commercial use such as greeting cards, business cards or advertising violates the copyright. Rights to use the caricature in this way may be purchased at very reasonable rates.

Holiday turnaround time...

I will make every attempt to e-mail the drawing to you before Christmas.
Caricatures will be done on a first come-first serve basis.
I will be working right up to Christmas.

Standard turnaround time...

Finished caricatures are e-mailed within two weeks of being ordered and often within just a day or two. Due to art show commitments and other art projects,
occasionally it may take a few days longer.


The price is only $9.99 per face.
For example: two faces is charged 2 X $9.99+$19.98; three faces is 3 X $9.99 and so on. Customers will be e-mailed a PayPal invoice payable by Credit Card and after which the caricature will be e-mailed. A shopping cart will soon be on the site.

• The caricatures are in black and white of the head and shoulders of the subject.

• The price is only $9.99 per face.

• If you want more than one person drawn in the same picture, they do not have to be in the same photo.

• No pets or animals. Sorry.

• It is understood that the customer is buying the artist’s interpretation. I have drawn over 40,000 caricatures. This is a simple business for people to have fun with at a low price. It is not intended to be a complicated commission.

• The subjects’ expression and clothing will be drawn, in caricature form as it appears in the photo for the mostpart. Slight changes such as not drawing the person in a coat but in an open collar or dress shirt with necktie can be done if requested. A frown can be turned into a slight grin, for example. “Messy” hair can be made neat, as another example. Do not request major changes since I can not then guarantee the likeness nor work in the format that keeps the price so low. I can not make long hair short or straight hair curly for example; or add or subtract weight from someone and so on.

• COPYRIGHTS: The customer is buying reproduction rights for personal use. This includes printing out the drawing to hang at home or work; giving copies to friends or e-mailing the drawing. This does not include making greeting cards, fliers or business cards, but these rights can be purchased.

• COMMERCIAL AND BUSINESS USE: The rights to use the caricature in this way, including greeting cards, business cards and all advertising and promotional uses can be obtained from me, sometimes for as low as $25.00. Not purchasing the rights to these uses is a violation of the copyright.
Unlimited commercial and business use is obtainable.

CARICATURES AT PARTIES: I can be hired to draw caricatures at all types of private parties, business promotions and social gatherings of all types. Go to link at HOME page for more info.



I am an oil painter and pastelist whose work is focused primarily on the history of labor in Pittsburgh, my home town. Other subjects include Italy, golf and portrait work. To view the work go to Originals and prints are available. Commissions are accepted after consultation and studio visits can be made by appointment. My show schedule is posted.